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And with wishy-washy whim, it did begin (Autumn 2002 Kendal, Cumbria)
At sixteen years old, it was too late to become a footballer. Most sporting prodigies were snagged from their mothers arms aged five plus, never-mind the peccadilloes and panics of early adulthood. So via default of desire, Benny Little and Hayden Norman Thorpe sat down together, with two guitars and Hayden singing, to write pop songs by the name of Fauve (meaning Wild Beast).

Bingo! Another plucked from lifes limbo (New year 2004 Kendal, Cumbria)
Now eighteen years old, Chris Talbot took up agency and signed on. Under the revised name of Wild Beasts, Bert as he came to be known, blundered his way through synthesisers and drum machines to finally take pride of place where he felt most comfortable and was, ultimately, most invaluable, behind the drum kit.

Though dark and dank, in their castle they did skank (Summer 2004 Kendal, Cumbria)
The three boys, now having left school, did what was obvious to them, by spending eighteen months in a rented closet of a room. Bert, Benny and Hayden developed The Unit into a studio in which they could continue to develop their pop-songs. With the aid of bassist Gaz Bullock, a four track self titled e.p. was recorded and released.
A grudge, a nudge, the gentle persuasion and the personal invasion (Autumn 2005 Leeds, Yorkshire)
The boys dabbled, deliberated and finally descended upon Leeds, living in a house together, that rested upon a basement fit enough to transplant The Unit from Cumbria to Yorkshire. By chaser of chance, respected musician and friend of the band from home, twenty year old Tom Fleming, lived close by in Leeds and was immediately touted as a Wild Beast. Tom gracefully converted from guitar/singer to bass guitar/singer and a three track e.p. esprit de corps was born out of the jubilant momentum that followed.

Rituals, demands, sect like pop bands... (New Year/Spring 2006 Leeds, Yorkshire)
Gig Gig Gig! Practice Practice Practice! Sing Sing Sing! Sleep. Slowly but surely Wild Beasts began to make inroads into the clean and the obscene within the Leeds music scene, making many live appearances at many different places. They undertook this petty pilgrimage to enrich the stuff that songs are made of. The boys cuddled close the conditions around them and the five track 'All Men' e.p. made sacred from the profane.
Theres the spiel, now whats the deal?... (2006 onwards)
Wild Beasts boys plan to keep recording and furthering their live appearances. Without sounding overly confident, or modest for that matter, we are digging deep for more significant musical and professional accomplishments. We want to be the bloody business.


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